Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We checked out a new playground today because we heard it had nice shade. It did, as well as a giant pile of dirt!

The kids swarmed on that thing like ants on an anthill:

Note The Wog zipping down the slide in the background:

The Doodle is compelled to climb these days:

With Baby Hannah:

Phee-baby* joins in. The Doodle loves the ladies!

I call this group--including an MIA "Phee-baby Cooper"--Playgroup: The Next Generation."

*Phee-baby got her name because when she was born we all called her Baby Phoebe, which The Wog (unintentionally) condensed into "Phee-baby." The Wog then started calling Cooper "Phee-baby Cooper." Only recently has she started calling them just Phoebe and Cooper.

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