Sunday, June 08, 2008


The Wog had her very first dance recital this weekend, and she was a star! We had some concerns since the dress rehearsal did not go well (dark stage + loud music = very frightened little Wog). We talked it up and she seemed excited, but about an hour before she declared, "I'm not going on the stage." The more we tried to convince her, the more she insisted. So we decided to just drop the subject and see how things went. Halfway there in the car she announced, "I think I will go on the stage." And so she did, with some concerns. (To find The Wog, look for the one standing up crying.)

Night One "ballet" (I use the term loosely) dance; The Wog isn't crazy about the dark stage, but she rallies:

Night Two "ballet" in which The Wog realizes she loves this whole performing thing. (She recognized some familiar faces in the front row and danced for them.)

Night One Tap Dance in which The Wog loses a shoe but wins over the audience:

She did a great job, and we are very proud of her!

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Beth said...

By the way, this shoe issue, is she related to Sami by any chance? ;o)