Friday, June 13, 2008


Today was the last day of The Wog's first year of preschool. She has grown in so many ways, and it makes me both sad and happy that she's not the same little girl now that she was eight or so months ago. (I'm too lazy to do the math.) Bringing her the first day was like dropping off a puppy--she was so sweet, young and eager, and we had absolutely no idea how things would go over. She never looked back. Every morning when I dropped her off throughout this first year, I felt lucky to be part of such a wonderful school full of like-minded teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers, all of whom have helped The Wog thrive and grow into the happy, independent little girl she continues to be. Hurray for the Lilliputians! (And, as The Wog says, the "Pollyputians," too.)

The collage made by a parent at The Wog's school:

With Miss Emily:

With Miss Suzie:

With her little friend Lily:

The Doodle (Lilliputians, '12) enjoyed the festivities...and the watermelon.

A whole mouthful of watermelon (as much as he can cram in):

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