Sunday, June 29, 2008


Finally, some pictures from our trip to New Jersey!

The Wog had a great time at Gianine's baby shower once we convinced her that no actual showering would be involved. (The Wog is a bath kind of girl.) Alas, no pictures with Neen, but The Wog immensely enjoyed visiting with her cousins:


The Wog also got to visit with her cousins at their lovely new home ten minutes from Minnie and Pop-Pop. We plan to wear out our welcome (just kidding!) on future trips. But seriously. The Wog LOVES cousins. Alas, it is not so easy to get a decent picture of seven kids; I did my best.

We also hit Camden's Adventure Aquarium which was really cool. Anyone who has been to an aquarium with me might already know that I typically subscribe to a "You've Seen One Fish You've Seen Them All" philosophy. Apparently, I've overcome this--or fish (and aquariums) have gotten way cooler because I was as into it as the kids.

Hippos coming:

Hippos going:

The Wog wants in:

The Doodle enjoyed the Aquarium too:

He also enjoyed his pretzel:

Sweet, sweet Leo:

Peering at one BIG turtle:

Petting the sharks:

(I never thought the words "poor sharks" would leave my mouth (fingertips? keyboard?), but these sharks were so heavily handled the facility had to close for 15 minutes so they could be a much-needed "break.")

All that sightseeing wears a Doodle out. Here he is, napping with Pop-Pop:

Coming up: pics from our annual pilgrimage to Sesame Place...

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