Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The snow continues to fall and it's gotten to the point where no one blinks when the forecast is for another foot or so. No one blinks, that is, except for The Wog's father, who insists on doing all of our shoveling.

The Wog goes to school three mornings a week, and so far this winter they have had TEN snow days. At this rate, the local schools will be in session well into July.

The snow continued to pile up outside the windows. Soon we won't be able to see out. This is the view out of our kitchen window, and a side window, as well:

This is the view from our front door. I can't open the door because it's blocked by snow. See the little black thing poking out of the snow to the left of the tree? That's the tip-top of a buried lamppost!

No pictures of the kids as they have been felled by the flu, and pictures of sick kids aren't much fun. So a picture of our first child, instead, in her favorite chair:

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