Thursday, December 20, 2007


We caught a lot of slack for The Wog's first Christmas card. We'd just moved up here, and the town in which we were living had a festively decorated covered bridge in a loop just off the main road. We pulled the car over and placed the carseated 3-week-old Wog on the road beneath the sign that read, "Welcome to [OUR TOWN'S NAME]." Marc hovered nearby while I darted off to snap a picture. It was a dreary cold day, and not a single car came through the bridge (the town's population was just up three people to a whopping 856) during our photographic endeavor. We were pleased and proud as we manufactured and mailed the cards which managed to combine her birth announcement and news of our move, in addition to holiday tidings. (Three for one! We were "green" ahead of our time...)

Fast forward a week or two and right up until the present tense, when we started to hear (and continue to to this day to hear!) comments ranging from concerned to full-on horrified from numerous members--including some with whom I'd conspired in my finest collegiate hijinks--of our mailing list. We took a a closer look at the picture. While in actuality there were no cars anywhere near us, a quirky camera angle combined with funky lighting to make it appear that the headlights of the harmless passersby out on the main road were careening through the covered bridge toward The Wog. We had a lot of explaining to do, and to this day I don't think many people actually believe our story. To which, for the record, we are sticking.

So we have a lot of concerns regarding making a better impression with The Doodle's first Christmas card. Am I missing something obvious? We can't go wrong with this one, can we?

(If I can track down a copy of that incriminating card, I will post it here. Unfortunately, we did not keep a copy, as we'd sent one to basically everyone we knew, most of whom now believe we put our newborn child in the path of oncoming traffic for the sake of a cute Christmas card.)

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Irisheyes143 said...

Don't you mean the Doodle's first Christmas? Was the Wog in the pic as well?