Monday, December 03, 2007


We attended a 3rd birthday party for The Wog's VERY sweet little friend Jett over the weekend. The Wog had a great time playing, and was through the moon when she saw that the gift bags contained tiaras and (clip-on) earrings; these kept coming off, causing her to panickedly exclaim, "My 'rings! My 'rings!"

Here she is with another self-declared Princess:

Alas, I could not get a photo with all three looking decent. (Lily is enjoying a wagon wheel noodle in this particular picture.)

The Doodle looks on from his preferred standing position:

The Wog was very excited about the cake. (Although when I told her that morning that there would be cake, her immediate response was, "Cake! And muffins, too!" Who knows?)

We went as a family to choose the gift since I thought it might be nice for The Wog to be involved and also to realize that all presents cannot always be about her. Before we left I asked her what she thought Jett might like for his birthday. She thought for a moment and responded, "A princess snow globe?" Just the day before I told her that Santa was making toys in his workshop at the north pole; her response was, "And princess snow globes?" Do you think there's a theme here?

The Doodle found himself a cozy resting place:

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