Thursday, March 22, 2007


I finally remembered to bring my camera to The Wog's gymnastics class ("'nastics," as she calls it) this morning. The timing was felicitous as she was particularly engaged today (sometimes, she is only interested in collecting the balls).

All the kids love climbing the "mountain." Unfortunately, they have a difficult time remembering that they need to climb up one side and slide down the other. Traffic usually goes both ways! Polly assumed this odd position with her back leg extended. (As you can see from the amused expressions of the other people in the picture, the full oddness of the pose wasn't quite captured.)

Up to her usual ball-hoarding antics:

Swinging and kicking:

More ball hoarding:

Making a butterfly:

Stretching up:

Touching toes...

And back up again!

Every week the teacher instructs them to sniff a flower at their feet:

Today The Wog announced that she found a blue flower, and it smelled "like blueberries."

The Wog appears to be the only child in the class capable of doing a push-up! (Of course, they are not being asked to do push-ups, so maybe she is the only one energetic enough to undertake one willingly!)

Flying to the zoo, where The Wog saw a dinosaur. (Another girl in the class always sees a dinosaur, and The Wog stole it from her this week.)

When the activities are done, the teacher instructs the kids to squat then leap up for a big "ta-da!" finish. Here are The Wog's stages of "ta-da!"

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