Thursday, March 01, 2007


We returned a day ago from a long weekend stay with Minnie and Pop-Pop. The Wog enjoyed herself immensely; a few highlights included a trip to the Japanese hibachi restaurant, where she unsuccessfully attempted to blow out the fire a chef had ignited on a table across the room, and celebrating Aunt Mary Beth's birthday, during which she also attempted to blow out the birthday candles from about six feet away. The Wog overestimates her lung power. The Wog also enjoyed a visit with Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe; a new purse and Cinderella doll ("Mah Barbie! Mah pursh!") from Minnie and Pop-Pop, and got herself a brand new haircut. The Wog helped feed my parent's dog, Maggie, every morning and afternoon; she took this responsibility VERY seriously and would immediately (and loudly) demand that Maggie eat as soon as the plate hit the ground. ("Come 'ere, Muggie! Eat da food!")

Once The Wog discovered she could escape from the Pack and Play, naptime and bedtime became a bit of a struggle. She'd climb out and then bang on the door yelling, "Hello? Hello? Open this door!" Mid-way through the trip she managed to lock herself into the room (after which we taped the lock so this was not repeatable), and Pop-Pop had to dismantle the doorknob to get her out while she yelled, "Is anybody home?"

In my quest to travel lightly, I left my camera behind. Luckily, Pop-Pop and Minnie sent along some photos.

The Wog had a great time and is already ready for her next visit!

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