Thursday, March 15, 2007


The Wog wondered out of the room while I was on the phone in the den for a few minutes earlier today. I knew I was in trouble when she came back warning me about the "big mess! big mess!" I walked through the living room and the dining room, stepping over little piles of white who-knows-what on each rug:

In the kitchen I caught the partners in crime in the act:

The mysterious substance (once full, now empty)?

I read yesterday that babies born in 2007 are "Golden Pigs" according to the Chinese zodiac. This comes around every 600 years and ensures that babies born during this year experience prosperous and wealthy lives. Upon learning that The Wog's baby brother will be a "Golden Pig," I had to look and see what The Wog is. Why wasn't I surprised to learn she is a monkey?

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