Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The Wog was mistaken for various creatures/items in her Halloween costume. These included:

A chicken (what she was intended to be and what the costume was marketd as)
A goose
A duck
A canary
Big Bird
A pillow (my personal favorite)

You be the judge:

Despite the confusion, she still managed to take 3rd place in the local costume contest for kids 4 and Under at the community center. She may have one 3rd place, but she'll always be our Grade A Blue Ribbon winner. (There was some confusion when it came time to award the prizes, but we could hear the teen girls whispering, "The feathered chicken! The feathered chicken!" There were quite a few chickens in the bunch, but The Wog had the teen girl vote in the bag.)

Here she is mooching Smarties off a friendly little poodle:

Scoping out the scene (and the balloons):

Ribbon-winning chicken!

We attended another costume party over the weekend. The Wog got the hang of the concept of trick-or-treating pretty quickly:

Hanging with Daddy:

Pecking for prizes:

On the way home from the party, The Wog got her feathers in a ruffle because she wanted a cookie out of her trick-of-treat bag:

Last night The Wog attended a Halloween Party with her playgroup. Pictures coming soon...

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