Tuesday, November 28, 2006


1. Grandparents
2. Dogs (particularly small ones named Piglet who let her--by this I mean "barely tolerate her"--walk them around the house on a leash for hours on end; also on The Wog's list of beloved animals are chicken and bunnies; when we sing "Old MacDonald" her farm is exclusively occupied by these three animals; this item also extends to include books about dogs, most especially "Harry the Dirty Dog," which she requests nightly at bedtime as "Dirty dog! Dirty dog!")
3. Oobi
4. Cupcakes
5. Tunnels (a new and compelling obsession--building, climbing through, identifying, talking about, etc.)
6. New shoes
7. Playgrounds (specifically, the swings and her father's smooth "underdog" maneuver)
8. Pacifiers (we're working on getting this one off the list for 2007)
9. Noodles ("Noon-els," but only if cooked by the mom who hosts our playgroup)
10. Post-bath, living room dance parties

Honorary Mentions: balloons; bubbles; animal sounds, particularly monkeys ("oo oo ah ah") and donkeys ("hee haw"); talking on the telephone ("phuh-phone"); "Corduroy" (not a doggy, chicken or bunny, but The Wog has been known to make an exception); oranges; swimming pools; the color purple; and drinking from a cup.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving from The Wog!

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