Sunday, November 01, 2009


We love Halloween and this year it was a full-on family effort. As usual we began our Halloween night in Jackson at the local vendor's "Treat Street" and then made our way to the annual festivities at the Orth- Dennis home. As usual, in addition to hosting tons of family and friends, they also hosted the Fryeburg Fair award-winning pumpkin! The weather semi-cooperated: it stayed very warm, but we did get hit by a downpour or two while out and about. It did not spoil the fun, and we're already talking about next year's costumes--subject to change about 564 times between now and then. Happy Halloween! May the force be with you!

Our little Leia:

The Doodle did not Trick or Treat although this picture makes it look like he did. Instead, he rode around town in style (and in the rain!) in a wagon.

And the "Good Sport/Better Dad" award for the evening goes to....


Here he is, besieged by a few cheetahs and Chiquita Banana:

The aforementioned wagon with his little friend "Babdandrew" AKA "Baby Andrew":

Leia carried Jabba's tail while Jabba carries the booze:

Who knew how handy a backyard half-pipe would be in helping burn off all that Halloween sugar?

The Doodle caught in the 30 second period during which he consented to wear the Yoda hat:

With his little buddy (and fellow future hell-raiser), Pirate Dylan:

The one and only picture I managed to get of Leia and Yoda together:

The buns were perfect and VERY time-consuming. (Ignore the Halloween treat; we had a candy necklace explosion.)

Father and son take a well-earned break:

The lollipop lasted a long time--through two parties!

Leia and her friend Arielle, one of a pack of Cheetahs around North Conway on Saturday night.

Examining their loot:

Being a "space princess" is hard work for a little Wog:

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