Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Wog is five! None of us can believe it except for The Wog who has been patiently waiting. (All day yesterday she kept saying she was "4 and six quarters." I tried to get her to say she was "4 and 364/365th but didn't have any luck with it.") Yesterday we had her "Polly Five O" birthday party. The guest list grew and grew, but luckily the weather cooperated and we could have much of the festivities outside. Since it is SNOWING here today, we were lucky, I guess!

The Wog had a great time during her birthday, and consistently referred to herself as "the birthday girl"--as in, "and then the birthday girl will go over here and all of her friends will follow her," and "and then the birthday girl will tell her friends they can have a cupcake and then the birthday girl's friends will have cupcakes."

Lava treasure rock hunting was a BIG hit:

The Doodle with his "chitzah":

The buildup to the cupcake. The kids "practiced" beforehand, I think, hoping to speed things up:

They WERE pretty: (And there were 2 full trays more hiding in the laundry room. 21 kids and 20 adults eat a lot of cupcakes.)

Partaking of purple:

Lined up for the pinata!

Lily took a good swing, and The Wog in the background is amazed!

Don't come between The Doodle and his cake:

Doing the Limbo Rock!

A blur of happy kids head inside to open presents!

We had a delightful celebration and perfect fall weather--especially wonderful considering it snowed today!

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