Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We did a tour of a couple local farms this weekend with The Wog's friend Jordan, her little brother, Andrew, and their parents. First stop was Weston's Farm in Fryeburg, Maine and home of the fabulous Hay House. Polly had some reservations about traveling to another state, but once we reassured her that rattlesnakes do not live there either, she had complete peace of mind.

The wagons are intended to towing pumpkins, but we found an alternate use for them.

All this baby blonde boyness is positively edible!

Sharing a snack under a tree:

No matter how much times change, rolling down a hill will always be fun for kids.

Still rolling!

The Wog shows off her new pumpkin friend, Madeline. She comes everywhere with us--including to the skating rink and into the grocery store. She wanted to sleep with it, but I drew the line.

A break for The Doodle. He loves little Doodle-sized chair and will always stop to try one out. He's our very own Goldilocks!

The girls declared this snack of kettlecorn and apple cider a "feast."

Picking pumpkins:

Pausing while picking pumpkins:


Going in...

And coming out!

More pictures coming from Stop #2!

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