Friday, September 11, 2009


While in NJ, we went to an inside play area called "Gigglebury Fair"--sort of like a cross between a children's museum, arcade, and restaurant. It was so much fun--particularly the giant dance floor which lit up Big-style.

Our little hogs:

I don't know why, but this angle cracks me up:

Gone fishin':

A happy little piggy:

Minnie and The Wog in action on the aforementioned dance floor. The Doodle and his trucks provided an extra challenge:

Ready to stomp some bugs!

"Planting" vegetables:

And setting them up to sell at her very own farmer's market:

Driving their two-wheeled (genius!) cab:

They enjoyed the tiny little carousel:

The Doodle takes the helicopter up for a spin:

Cruising along in the Jeep:

Later, in Minnie and Pop-Pop's bed. Can you guess which one was happy and which one was not?

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