Monday, July 06, 2009


Our 4th of July routine is quickly becoming a Vaillant family tradition! Our first stop was the Tamworth Parade, an event enjoyed by all--The Wog because they throw candy (CANDY!) from the floats, and The Doodle because of the plentitude of "wee-noo[s]" (AKA firetrucks).

Here he is, admiring a shiny red specimen...

...but only from afar. Up close, The Doodle is quite concerned:

A cute float:

The Wog and her friend Lily enjoy the parade!

Lily sits pretty. Isn't she Rockwellian?

The Wog waves at a float!

The Doodle snacked his way through the 4th of July, beginning with this tasty bagel:

The Doodle's new BFF, Eddie:

Waving the flags!

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