Tuesday, July 07, 2009


We took an impromptu 5th of July trip to Weirs Beach and the kids enjoyed playing in the sand and surf.

The Wog is insistent that goggles be worn at all times:

The Doodle likes to dig in the "dir."



In and out of the water over and over again! We tried to explain to her that if she stayed in she'd feel warmer, but that wasn't nearly as much fun.

Sea creature:

The Doodle discovered that he immensely enjoyed jumping on resting Daddy from a running start. Here he is, gearing up to go.

The landing!

The Wog made a friend, and they were very industrious together. They were trying to build a channel for a little boat to sail through with impressive results until Doodzilla stomped his way through.

(But even Doodzilla needs a break now and then.)

The Vaillant men take a walk.

The Doodle also enjoys leaping from high points into our--sometimes unsuspecting--arms.

This one merits a close-up:

Cuddling in the lifeguard stand:

Nothing beats a day at the beach. Except for a day at the beach with ice cream!

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