Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Today was The Wog's annual Mother's Day Tea at school. I am grateful for this school every day, but EXTRA grateful on the Mother's Day Tea because it is so very sweet, and I know the teachers (and kids!) work hard to make it a special day.

An excited daughter!

What we were served:

(A side note about the cupcakes--I had to pop back into school mid-morning early this week because I forgot The Wog's packpack that day. When I walked into the classroom, I saw 6-8 very eager little girls cooperatively stirring one giant bowl of batter. They wanted me to see it, but they also wanted me to know it was a SECRET.)

Lined up Lilliputians:

And here they are, performing their signature Mother's Day song:

Excuse the camera work. The camera had some trouble focusing on 15 (very cute, very excited) moving parts. It gets better when they're singing.)

To revisit last year's performance--and see how much changes (and stays the same!) in one year--click

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