Sunday, May 17, 2009


The Doodle loved the pomp and circumstance so much, we did it THREE times!

The Wog was as delighted by The Doodle's birthday as he was (or more so, considering he pretty much had no idea what was going on). This morning--two days later--she asked, "Can we still celebrate The Doodle's birthday today?" Birthdays are an all-weekend occasion around these parts, so the answer was "yes"!

He got the hang out of blowing the candles pretty quickly. (The first go around, The Wog did it purposely. The second time, Marc did it accidentally. The third time was all The Doodle!)

The Wog got her face "tatooed" earlier in the day:

Thanks to The Doodle's insistence, everyone in our family got some cake:

(As Marc pointed out, sharing with the dog makes him a true Joey West.)

The Wog insisted on singing "Happy Birthday" while carrying out the gift she selected for The Doodle.

She handed it over...

"Cah! Cah! Cah! Cah!" (It was a car.)

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