Thursday, February 19, 2009


We whisked ourselves off to Montreal for an overnight last weekend. Aside from the fact that the museums are all closed on Mondays, we had a great time exploring both the under and above grounds. We are looking forward to longer (and perhaps warmer?) future visits!

How Marc blends in with the locals while traveling:

His other disguise:

Heading down to the Metro:

Both kids went into a kind of a Metro trance--taking it all in--once the trains started moving. The Wog enjoyed the ride, but the verdict remains out for The Doodle.

A leisurely (and cold) walk to find pastries:

Pastries found!

The Wog looked tres European in her skinny jeans, boots, and puffy coat:

Aside from walking and walking and walking, I got some extra exercise while in Montreal: The Wog hasn't had much occasion for escalator-riding here in the country, but they are, of course, all over the place in cities. She was fearless as we worked out a routine including counting down and stepping--not on the crack!--out together. Alas, on one outing, we were preparing to step while a small crowd formed behind us. In a rush not to hold up the line, I didn't notice that The Wog was distracted and fiddling with one of her gloves. I stepped. She did not. As the escalator (with me on it) went down, down, down, and The Wog grew tinier at the top, I decided to put my recent elliptical training to work and run back up to her. Unsuccessfully. Luckily, the model-esque couple behind us took pity on my antics and helped her down. I fear I was dinner party conversation that night....

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