Sunday, January 18, 2009


A couple Wog anecdotes:

Like most kids, The Wog does not love washing her hands after using the bathroom. She's already wasted enough time, after all. So getting her to do so--particularly if there is anything remotely exciting going on elsewhere--can be a struggle. The other day she emerged from the bathroom and announced, "I really really THOROUGHLY do not want to wash hands." The "thoroughly" continues to crack us up; where do kids learn these things? (From their parents, I suppose...) And for the record, she went back in and washed up.

The other day The Wog went for a preschool development assessment to make sure she is on track. One of the questions was "can she tell a story with a plot." I'm not sure I would have known how to answer this question if, on the way there in the car, she hadn't told me a long, drawn-out story about the dream she'd had the night before. (The Wog has a recurring nightmare that I am throwing snowballs at her; I love a change of pace.) She explained that in the dream I was riding a roller coaster and she was "running along next to [me] on the track." Where was The Doodle, I asked? She responded, "Running on the track too. I'm holding his hand so he doesn't fall off." Is there a better Big Sister than that?

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