Friday, January 02, 2009


A new Christmas Eve tradition commenced this year with a "Seven Fishes" meal at Aunt Gloria and Uncle Joe's house. We all enjoyed the chance to visit with extended family, and The Wog loves every chance she has to spend with her Teti cousins.

Uncle Joe led a "Lessons & Carols," alternating the nativity story with select Christmas songs. The Wog did not know the included carols, but it didn't stop her: she and cousin Mary performed several interpretive dances, instead.

That is, when they weren't partaking of the pistachios:

Len also got in on the creative interpretations:

Caroling cousins:

The Doodle loves a good staircase. (Susan Somers has nothing on him--he is indeed a Stairmaster!)

Festive scenes: (I have to put in multiples of all of these pictures since it is impossible to capture nine adorable kids looking their cutest all at once!)

For the record (from L to R), Peter holding Jimmy; John holding Leo; Holly holding Liam; Mary, Polly & West.)

More multiples (with multiples!):

(Clearly something red was eaten prior to this photo shoot.)

If it's not immediately apparent, The Wog is quite fond of John:

But there's plenty of love for Mary, too!

We always knew The Doodle was a monkey:

The Wog through the bars:

Sweet Baby James:

Feasting cousins:

The Wog took a special fancy to new cousin Jimmy:

(But who wouldn't?):

The Wog, Holly, Aunt MB and Jimmy:

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