Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Today was "Open House" at The Wog's dance class. The parents are invited to observe from inside the classroom, and even do a little dancing themselves! The kids take this event very seriously, and The Wog has been talking about it for weeks.

Awaiting instruction:

Tap Tap Tapping:

Doing their "ballet":

The Wog's "arabesque":


Practicing plies:

What next?

Dancing in her "low" space:

"Scooping air":

Accidental jazz hands (the name of my future rock band, fyi):

Carried away with delight:

The Wog has been watching lots of ballet movies and was trying to go en pointe. The teacher warned her that she'd "break her toes."

Strong and sharp!

The Princess Posse:

A Doodle keeps busy!

Daddy and the Doodle check out the action:

A surprise for the parents:

Dancing with her Daddy:

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