Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The Wog participated in a show at an amusement park here in NJ during our visit (ongoing--hence the blog silence) this week to NJ.

Looking pretty in her one-size-fits-all princesswear. (She got over the fact that her designated frock was not pink, but barely.):

Waiting patiently:

Upon hearing there was a dragon in the show, The Wog immediately wanted nothing to do with it.

When she realized the dragon was just a man, she agreed to go back, but notice her positioning. She was not about to let that dragon get the jump on her:

Letting down her guard for a moment:

Back to wariness:

When it came time for the dragon-turned-prince to choose a bride, she perked right up. Alas, another fair maiden was chosen. The prince's loss!

More from The Land of Make Believe (and New Jersey--shocking to no one, the two are not one and the same) on its way...

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