Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Spring has arrived here in the North Country (tell that to Mount Washington, still capped in snow) and with it came The Wog's summer wardrobe. Here she is, showing off some ballet moves:

(Sunglasses are all the rage on the playground these days, and The Wog never leaves home without them.)

Also, some Wog-ecdotes:

The Wog and her father made me delicious peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes for Mother's Day. I thanked The Wog's father and told him they were the yummiest pancakes I'd ever had. The Wog pondered this and then sweetly said, "I helped Daddy. Don't you want to thank me too?" I do. Thanks to The Wog (and The Doodle) for pancakes and the billion other wonderful things they bring to my life every day.

We are trying to teach The Wog about making choices, but she still wants what she wants. The other day she was presented with two options: ice cream or a popsicle. She hemmed and hawed. I pressed her for an answer, "One or the other!" She thought it over and announced, "The other!"

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