Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The dance class's costumes were not yet in during her official dress rehearsal, but they arrived today and had a mini-dress rehearsal during class. The Wog is front and center (by happenstance, not design) wearing the purple leotard under her tutu.

The Wog attends preschool with the sole little boy in the class and they always look for each other when it's time to hold hands and spin. The partnering is a free-for-all/grabwhoeverisnearest type of thing, but they seek each other out about 90% of the time. Yesterday after class she told me, "I want Riley to come to my birthday party." (Yes, it's in October, but The Wog plans ahead.) She continued, "He's my best friend!" I expressed surprise since they never interact at school. She finished, "He's not my friend at school. He's just my friend at dance class!"

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