Thursday, April 24, 2008


A highlight of The Wog's trip was definitely the food! She may be headed into a major growth spurt because she'd hardly finish a meal before requesting a snack! (Or maybe it was the the plethora of delicious brownies!)

(Note that while The Wog was hamming it up, Eva was clearly focused on the deliciousness of her monkey bread.)

The Doodle loved playing outside. He thought this bright green ball was pretty cool:

There was always a princess show going on at the house. (A "princess show" essentially involves the announcement that a show is about to begin, a minor amount of abashed dancing, and that's about it.) The Wog asked on several occasions, "Do I look fashionable?" Indeed she did!

(In the background of the last shot, The Wog shows her enthusiasm in a peculiar way.)

A rare break from the action:

I'm not done with Disney yet...

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