Friday, April 11, 2008


Our local children's museum hosted a visit by Clifford the Big Red Dog this morning. The Wog hasn't ever demonstrated an overwhelming love for Clifford on television or in books; perhaps she was saving it all up for a personal meeting? Because she was positively smitten! Prior to Clifford's appearance, the Children's Museum Director, Shelly, announced that she would lead Clifford around the room and that if a child appeared frightened or unsure, Clifford would keep his distance. The Wog grew quite concerned and, following the announcement, headed over to Shelly to make sure she knew she wanted to meet Clifford. (This fact was already quite clear to Shelly as The Wog was actually bobbing up and down with excitement.) I do think The Wog was the first and last child to greet and send off Clifford with a big hug.

Here she is with her friend, Chloe, mutually admiring the Big Red Dog:

This little girl was very sweet. The Wog kept introducing her to people as "my new best friend."

The Doodle also enjoyed meeting Clifford and petting his nice soft fur, but alas no picture. Here is how The Doodle spent most of the morning out:

And I know seeing Clifford just may be the social event of the year, but The Wog was not wearing that dress when we left the house this morning (nor are we Amish). It is part of the dress-up section at the museum and--as is her usual routine--she rushed over to put it in as soon as we walked in the door, and wore it right to the bitter end when I wrestled it off her squirmy, chocolate-covered (did I mention the "Ice Cream Social" following Clifford? What a day!) little body.

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