Monday, March 10, 2008


The Wog's very good friends Bee and Eva sent us some pictures from visits recent and not-so. They are fun to look at to see how much the kiddies have grown. We'll have another chance soon enough when we head to The O.C. in April!

This set of pictures was taken just over a year ago when the Baltimore Lazurs came for a visit. I was let off the sledding hook due to the fact I was six months pregnant, but it looked like quite an endeavor--more trudging than sledding. (And I did enjoy watching...)

The Wog clearly enjoys being plopped down in a pile of snow. Eva? Not so much.

If you come to visit us and it is winter, we will almost certainly take you on a sleigh ride--whether you are into it or not.

Just chilling inside. (And literally! It was very cold that weekend!):

(This picture also features the world's most beautiful--and problematic--red bag.)

Way too good-looking for Glen Burnie:

JHU "purebread" spawn turn out quite nicely. (Alex, Lucky, Sark and Sasha, I'm looking at you, too. See you all at Freshman Orientation/Playfair 2022 or so...) The old "2x+1" formula of attractiveness clearly does not apply to our offspring:

And these are from this past Christmas, when the Lazurs (now sunny, happy Californians) came to visit in NJ. At the playground:

Duck stalking:

The Doodle (about whom Eva is unsure--look at her expression!) makes a rare appearance.

There was some serious lovin' going on:

(The girls have only met sporadically but they are really good little friends. In fact, The Wog's school has a "reading buddies" program from the local little kindergarten, and she insists that she is paired with Bee.)

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