Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The Wog had a chance to show off one of her favorite local stomping grounds to Minnie and Aunt MB on their recent visit. It seems very indulgent to me that our very reasonably priced season pass to Storyland allows us to go at least once a week, but why not? The Wog is gradually becoming more and more interested in the rides, and even went on the child-sized ferris wheel this week, which she calls the "balloons." Her favorite ride is the carousel or, as she says, "the horsies."

She loves driving the tractor, but takes the job very seriously:

Minnie and MB got to meet the Scarecrow, who The Wog adores. "AdorED" might be the more likely term as during lunch later that day, Pop-Pop concocted a story about a scheming Scarecrow who creeps up under the table and filches the shoes off the feet of badly behaved Wogs. Considering The Wog LOVES her shoes, I'm not sure how she'll feel about The Scarecrow the next time we see him. Here she is, dancing with him:

The Scarecrow meets the family:

The Doodle hangs with Aunt MB:

Here's The Wog, showing off the areformentioned beloved shoes to Cinderella. These are not theme-park appropriate footwear so I had to pack them in my bag so she could change into them when we got to the castle.

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