Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We've just returned from The Doodle's very first trip to New Jersey. He enjoyed himself, as did The Wog, who always loves going to Minnie and Pop-Pop's house. Unfortunately, the weather didn't really encourage much swimming time or a trip to Sesame Place, but we did get to visit with family, which is the most important thing.

The Doodle got to meet many new people, and The Wog got to reconnect. Here are just a few:

Aunt MB...

Gianine and Tim...

and Curious George!

The Wog had cake, but The Doodle did not (and apparently it did not bother him):

We also returned to the Japanese hibachi restaurant, where The Wog enjoyed the chopsticks but did not enjoy the onion volcano display. The Doodle, again, did not appear to care.

We then return to New Hampshire for further visiting with Minnie, Pop-Pop and Aunt MB, as well as The Doodle's baptism. Pictures are forthcoming!

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