Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We took The Wog sledding over the weekend after our second failed attempt at snowman building. (We're due to get 18-24 inches over the next couples days...maybe this batch will be packable!) The Wog is uncertain whether she likes sledding or not--likely because of the faceplant she experienced our first time out when her toddler sled tipped over.

Heading out:

You can tell from The Wog's face that she's not sure about this whole sledding thing:

On their way! (The Wog's father said he felt like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places operating this sled and while the reference took me a few minutes, when I got it, I got it.)

The Wog walks up the "mountain" as she calls any pile of snow:

The Wog's father took the world's worst sled for a solo spin. (If you look closely, you can see that he has absolutely no control over this sled, and is spinning every which way.)

Giving up on the world's worst sled:

All done and headed home!

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