Tuesday, January 23, 2007


We were in Baltimore last weekend visiting with friends, including sweet Bee & spunky little Eva. While there, we checked out Port Discovery, which turned out to be a pretty amazing Children's Museum. We could have spent the whole day there!

The Wog had a chance to sort some widgets:

She also got to examine a variety of fake fruits and vegetables (and licked just about every one). Here she is, sampling tasties with Bee and visiting the pet store with Eva:

The museum had a very impressive 3-story climbing apparatus. I stayed on the ground, but The Wog and her father did some major exploration. The museum also had an old standby Wog favorite...the ballpit!

We also ventured into history, and The Wog got towed on a bridge across an imaginary river:

The Wog also got to meet Clifford (or remeet, as they have met in the past, although I don't think she remembered); here she is, staring down Emily Elizabeth, who she insisted on calling, "Where-Beth," which is what she calls her Aunt. Anyone see the resemblance?

The Wog enjoyed her time in Baltimore and has done her fair shair of talking about Bee and Eva since we returned!

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