Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Wog casts a really long shadow out in the snow on a sunny day! We headed out to the little skating rink in the village of our town on Sunday. We were debating taking The Wog out on the ice (a clarification: The Wog's father was debating taking her out on the ice, while I was planning on standing watch) but it looked a little rough and tumble out there. So instead she played in the snow and seems to, thankfully, be blessed with her father's balance and not mine!

Looking at birds:

She called this, "climbing the mountain":

The Wog ran directly at the flagpole, paused, and then came tearing back at us in horror, yelling that it's "Too big! Too big!" I guess it freaked her out!

As usual, when The Wog is out and about town, she made a friend!

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