Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This morning we attended the children's holiday party at our local children's museum. The Wog was very interested in the crafts table, and decorated her very own set of mittens. She finally understood the concept of glue (ie. for sticking, not eating) and worked her little heart out gluing and pasting and gluing and pasting. I tried to divert her attention to some of the other activities, but she only wanted to glue and paste....so glue and paste we did. We couldn't even manage to get a picture with the giant snowman! The Wog worked very hard at her gluing and pasting...so much so that her little body shook with exertion as she pressed down to ensure the felt and cotton balls stayed put. She even threw in the occasional grunt to make sure we all fully comprehended the serious business of gluing and pasting.

The finished product:

The Wog in her party attire:

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