Monday, December 18, 2006


We took The Wog's Christmas pictures on Saturday. It took the two of us to wrangle her, and over 250 shots to get ones we love. Here she is getting primed for the photo shoot with a Christmas book with Daddy:

Here are some outtakes from the shoot:

Possible caption: "Polly waits under the mistletoe..."

Possible caption: "Look Santa, no cavities!"

I was imitating a monkey behind The Wog's father's back while he took the picture; The Wog responded in kind:

Possible caption: "You better not pout."

And the aforementioned "Blair Wog Project" shot:

The Wog also got her picture taken with Santa this weekend! I don't have it digitally, but will take a picture of the picture later. There were no tears, but there weren't any smiles, either...

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