Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The Wog and The Doodle participated in a family bike-a-thon this weekend in support of raising funds and building awareness for a local bike path project here in the MWV. (Awesome, right? Fingers crossed!) The organization set up an obstacle course and had information bike safety, gear, etc. There was also a bike decorating table, a parade led by a cycling police officer, and an ice cream social.

The Wog gets a hand onto the course from Daddy and Una:

As usual, The Doodle meant business.

(He was the only kid on a trike, and so intense about the whole thing that he became something of a celebrity--everyone wanted his picture!)

Bike safety is SERIOUS!

Going their various ways:

The ramps were not particular tricycle accessible, but it didn't stop The Doodle from trying. His pal Cooper one plank over had it down on his Strider.

The Doodle waits patiently at the parade's starting line:

And there's The Wog!

Wog on the go!

The Wog and Finn B. AKA Boyfriend #1:

The Doodle valiantly held up the back of the back. Occasionally the riders would circle around and "lap" him. He'd calmly turn himself around and resume a place at the front of the line:

Cooling off with ice cream:

Making trades:

Then taking a break with Daddy:

Heading home, post-parade, happy, and full of ice cream!

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