Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The Wog was a seasoned vet at this year's dance recital. She truly feels the music, and we love watching her on stage. This year was an even greater success than last year for one reason: all shoes stayed on! 

A serious ballerina:
(The poor Wog suffered a black fly bite to the eye earlier in the morning while helping Minnie with the planting. She swelled up a bit, but danced nonetheless. I was a little worried her skewed vision might result in a trip off the stage!)

The fringe skirt for her tap routine ("March with a Twist") was good for endless on-stage entertainment for a few of The Wog's fellow dancers: they enjoyed watching it swish.

Posing for her "Little Swans" ballet dance:

The Wog loved the flowers Daddy brought for her:

Posing with three of her favorite people: Miss Lucy, Miss Emily and Miss Suzie. We were so glad they came to the show!

Posing with Arielle:

Brady amidst the Little Swans:

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