Thursday, May 24, 2007


The Golden Pig! La la la la la la la!

The one downside of having a multitude of beloved grandfathers between The Wog's father and me was attempting to choose just one name to bestow upon our son. (I always said we'd need to have twins if a boy was headed our way!) Three days after his birth, he was finally given very long name, and we are calling him by the third name in the sequence. We are prepared for the challenges this might present in life--may it give him character!

The Golden Pig was born at 8:07 a.m. on Tuesday, May 15th, weighing in at a hearty 8 pounds, 1 ounce and spanning 21 inches. Eating and sleeping are his primary pursuits, followed closely by pooping and snuggling on any available warm body. Nicknames include: Little Man, Mellow Yellow, Grumps, Mr. Grumpy McGrumperson, and Sweet Potato. (As you can see from the early pictures, he is a little on the yellowy-orange side...)

The Wog is adjusting well to life as a big sister. In fact, we might have prepared her a little TOO well. In constantly talking about "your baby brother," we have caused some confusion; she seems to think he belongs exclusively to her. She had a great time over the past week and a half with her grandparents and we are doing her best to keep her on her daily schedule. Our standard farewell picture with Minnie and one!

Although The Golden Pig is not a grump, he sure looks like one sometimes:

Pictures from The Wog's first meeting with The Golden Pig:

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