Wednesday, April 18, 2007


After Grandma and Grandpa visited, Minnie and Pop-Pop arrived, bearing lots of presents as well as present-wrapping materials. (The Wog loves wrapping presents--no matter what's inside--as much as she loves receiving them.) The Wog was very happy to see them and woke up every morning to demand, "Wanna go downstairs with Minnie and Pop-Pop!" Unfortunately, said wake-up time was around 5AM.

Minnie and Pop-Pop were hit with this several days into their visit:

Happy Wog:

The "death glare":

The Wog came down with an icky stomach flu on Friday. Here she is, looking miserable:

Before she got sick, The Wog got to take a swimming lesson!

The Wog also baked her very first batch of cookies with Minnie, although she immediately got too sick to eat any of them!

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